23 August 2009

today (23 Aug 2009) and recent days

Sunday, today, got up late -- 10:30 am
or so, as Deej had gone off and checked on Haynes cat, and found it finally after 4 days of nothing. Regular breakfast of 2 soft fried eggs, 2 pieces bacon, a toasted waffle, and coffee. Later make or breadmaker mix of 10 grains loaf - turned out large.

Put up Deej's butterfly and zenia photos of yesterday up on Facebook.

Went to the garden at 5:30 to pick tomatoes, a few caynne, weeded around some corn sprouts, fertilized some pepper plants with Epson salts to force blooms. Had rained about 1/2 inch yesterday and night. After Deej spoke with Sharon about her mom's hospitaliztion, set up: Left over chicken, one-half corn ear, tomatoe sliced, and Butter Finger half. Burning F..k Dolls #6 DVD as fuse blew.

Yesterday, Saturday, Deej also went to find Haynes cat without success, washed car, and got most groceries, including mouse traps. So I went to Farmers market and got some yellow peaches, beans, and okra, plus milk, luncheon meat, juices (mango and strawberry)

Last Saturday (15 Aug 2009) we celebrated the 40th anniversary of Woodstock as well as India Independence day with Deepak, Holly, and Rich C singing in our Druid back yard.


During the week, developed the first part of the South Asian reference list, and assisted George with the Religious Studies new grads Friday morning, and Deej assisted me with library resources for 9 Anthro and Linguistic new grads in the afternoon.

Two months from now we will be in Landour at Woodstock School.