09 February 2010

Snow in early Feb 2010

Snow - we've had unusual amounts of snow and storms this winter of 2009/2010, and last Friday was another one, though not as huge (about 8-10 new inches of snow). But it lasted all Friday and all Saturday.  Luckily a neighbor clears our street, but still it was hard to get the refrozen snow off of Deej's car and shovel for more than an hour to clear out the snow around her car.

See Snow Feb 2010 and click on Slide Show

Lots of limbs fell with this storm - Ned across the street had about 3 large limbs fall.  At 502, the owners moved two cars from their drive way, and 4 hours later two large branches came down on top.  Over night Saturday a huge branch fell on to our front east-side yard - luckily hitting no roof, but ruining a couple of bushes, like the bamboo 'holly'. 

I went late Sunday morning to help Ned and his son to carry branches down to the bottom of the street, and Ned kindly chain-sawed our fallen branch.  The smaller longer branches are in a pile to the right of our sidewalk, while the sawed logs are to the left of our sidewalk -- ready for Shirley to pick up some time.

The wet snow just kept building up, and building up on the branches all Saturday.  I think the low temperatures (around 10 F) Saturday night stopped some of the build up, and Sunday's 40s degree sunshine made snow to keep plopping down and falling all day long - squirrels had a hard time getting out of their nets on the snow-laden branches, and walked or clung to the underside of branches to get around.

Then Monday morning we woke to a broken furnace - by 10 am a repairman had come and replace the thermo coupling so that the pilot light would light and the furnace would run again - after $119 expenses.

I'll try to link some photos here later

Deej took me to work around 1:30, and I went to a somewhat disorganized Kaltura training hour in Clemons, lead by a trainer in Israel. And then did other work.

Int the late evening, Mark came by to pick up a check for his college expenses - the same amount for a check I had sent to him in the last days of December, and to Brian, and Rachel (and Eliza and Lauren), but which Mark has not been able to find where he put.

We had a nice steak, baked potatoe, and broccoli dinner Monday night.  Norton anti-virus people called or chatted with me twice, and remotely took over my computer - Priyankar before I left for work and Sripad in the evening, supposedly to fix the Norton software which keeps saying I have to uninstall and re-install my software.  Still not fixed.