03 March 2010

Signs of Spring 2010

There were beginning signs of Spring all around and in our yard this last weekend Feb 27/28, the last weekend of February - sprouting daffodils and other plants, crocuses, snowdrops, melting snow, melted snowman, birds - even dog, raccoon, and deer poop. Lots of limbs had been broken off from the heavy snow during the storm, many from our evergreen 'pine' tree.

Also tis the season of birthdays - mine last Wed, Tim's the next day, and the twins on Sunday.  Deej took me to supper and then made a cake Thursday.  We took over and left gifts and a card for Tim on Saturday, even though no one was there.  Didn't get over to give the twins gifts and cards, though.

My digital classes keep going on - last Thursday we had a nice session at the Bayly Museum. In teams of 4-5, we decided on cataloging schemes for our 7 MesoAmerican art objects - I was the Handler for our group, wearing plastic gloves and carefully lifting and turning the objects.  Two schemes were hierarchical and two were serial.  This night's (Tuesday 2 March 2010) class focused on Mind as Metaphor with the developer of a web site, Pasanek, at the class for interactive conversation about his work.  The dreaded mid-term is coming up.