12 May 2017

Plan for garden plot 2017

 How about this Plan for the Azalea garden plot for 2017?
What would you change, or add, or remove? Let us know, quick!

11 May 2017

till work mow work

A full day - almost 17,000 steps.  Morning went to Azalea Garden plot as Michael double tilled our plot, in spite of lots of grass clogging his tiller, from 10-11:20, as Deej had helped to arrange, $40 for his favorite charity - Casa something. 
        Dove and bused to work, almost forgot my cell phone which I had put next to the shed - changed from dirty garden cloths to my white, in time to go down and have a left-over fish lunch. Worked on various things. 
        Had to take notes for minutes for our A & H committee meeting on outlook with faculty. Walked with the three (Sandy, Lorenza, and Deej) at 3. More work - bust to car, to garden for Deej to see the lumpy tilled garden.  

                           Home, drink, papars, nap, redress and mowed back yard as it got too dark, so did some of it in porch light.  Mower wouldn't start for about 20 minutes.  Ate the tasteless beef golash. Watched some TV, responded to Kurtis and David Gs request which John Unsworth had responded to about - put the Tibetan collection in Clemons during Alderman Renovation - Not. But maybe in Ivy Stacks II with Nawang spending 3 afternoons a week there.  Uncataloged materials? John suggests find donors and start the huge cataloging project.

     Deej's starting to read a new 371 page book. How long will it take her to finish it? Guess - 1 week, 2 weeks?  http://search.lib.virginia.edu/catalog/u7021792

    I couldn't put down so finished reading, at 4:30 am Stephen Alter's "A dalliance of Leopards" Thriller - Afghanistan, Alfridi, Mussoorie, intrigue, etc.  http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/967543480 . The Dalliance of leopards.WW Norton 2017. Luckily then I could sleep late til 9 to get to garden by 10.

     Also email exchanges with Walter to fix or correct link to Jacques Pouchepadass' review of Hauser's book in Seminar. Anand also liked it. http://www.india-seminar.com/2016/688/688_books.htm As well as 1917 Champaran centenary.
      Facebook seems to indicate Christopher had his retirement party yesterday.  Good for him. What a hat!

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18 January 2017

ring a ding ding - found!

wow, Deej found my skull ring under the cushion in her couch after we got back from work and groceries.  I had given up ever finding it -but there it was.  I noticed I had lost it at work one morning, when? Maybe Jan 2nd Tuesday? contacted all the lost and founds, searched and searched all possible places at work and at home, again and again.  Nope. I gave up it for lost. But now, joyous we have found it again!
      I had bought the ring in Landour at the top of the hill, Prakash's at Sister's Bazaar, in October 2009, I think.  I had never seen anything like it before, and we've looked and looked, but never been able to find anything like it again.  It all relates back to my youth - see, I belonged to a Skull Gang at Woodstock School (India) when I was a high school freshman (1954?), and we used to run around the dark corridors of Parker Hall and hold meetings, planning, while basketball games were being played in the evenings nearby up the covered passage way on the basket ball court.  I cracked my head (skull!) falling down and hitting my head on the concrete steps, as I missed a step while turning around to wave bye to Bruce S. and other gang members. Luckily we found Dr. Bethel Flemming up at the game and she took me down to the Quad and then up the 3 flights to open up the school dispensary and give me 7 stitches.
The skull ring
         Did that hard knock on my head - the back upper left side (above the speech center of the brain) cause an internal scar which flared up years later when I was in my late 20s and contribute to my grand mal and petite mal (aphasia) epilepsy episodes, which occasionally recurred for about 10 years in the 1970s, but then disappeared? What a skull story!