27 April 2011

Back to work Monday 25th Ap 2011

That was tough getting back to work on Monday after an extended weekend in Tennessee.

Monday. Had to catch up on email - and even forgot some things like the microfiche for Ryan in UCalif.  Worked on a Lost book list, ordering about 12 title replacements.  Trying to work on figuring out the Anth and MESA titles to un-subscribe to to get to our 5% cut - reconnecting to Direcotor's Station and using SIRSI - and not finding things or having difficulty navigating, etc.  Then staying late to do some more pamphlet review.  Coming home and mowing the lawn and making a rye bread mix.  And watching the NetFlix movie - Inception.  Those mind games and shifting back and forth, without knowing which, between dream and reality - its not something I'm interested in or enjoy.

Tuesday continued the attempts at review, first talking with George for review titps, and late mroning putting up or developing titles for the UrduFest digitization project over in the media lab with Dan, his assistant, and the media lab assistant.  Lunch, and then AldRef for 2 hours, looking up Anth titles.  Anne coming 12 minutes late, so I did not get off too Susan McKinnon's apppointment until 3:30 pm.  That went okay, but still need to do the list of titles.  Maybe with George's help this Wed afternoon.  Then back to more pamphlet review.  And late (6:30 pm) home but with good bus connections to 6, and walking - my right knee seems to now be okay after some of this walking home daily. Ham again for supper, but really conked out, and gave up sleeping on the couch and fell into bed at 11:30 am in payjamas and slept, slept, slept.

Wednesday - dental appointment at 10 am and back to work.

Can't wait to get through this 5% budget reduction review. Busy, busy, busy