21 May 2012

Plant #3 and more

We've done some more in May - in spite of some rainy days, and weeds, weeds, weeds!

07 May 2012

Planting #2

After work Thursday (3 May 2012), we went out to Azalea Park and did about an hour of work.

Azalea garden plot
Look! the shed's back! - after being vandalized about 2 months ago.

Peas are coming along. Radishes are growing too, and Deej picked about 10 small / medium sized ones, before they got too large and hot.  They were good at supper.

I mainly dug holes for plants we had bought on the weekend at Ezroths or K-Mart.  Put in 3 more cayenne and 3 new bell plants near the center of the west side of the garden.  (see photo below) Also about 9 marigold plants of 3 varieties along the border at different places.
marigolds at our entrance

We've had drizzling rain and fairly warm days recently.  It was finally dry enough to mow the Druid yard Sunday (6 May 2012)

Jado rests on the just-mowed Druid back yard
I went to the First Friday and saw some nice art at McGuffy, Fish Gallery, a side place down 1st street, and then the 2nd Street gallery.  Saturday worked some more on Hauser's books (to add or not), then picking up Beth to go to the Curry Club where we joined Betsy and Mary.  A nice small group and we lingered some since we decided not to go to Betsy's house for chai.  There was a din of 8-10 year old Indian kids in the same side room making it hard to hear some of the time.  Drove up to Tandem Friends School and sat with Herb and Annie for Tom Joseph's memorial Quaker meeting from 2-3 pm.  Lots of interesting and nice things said by 15 men and 7 women.  Saturday morning also Facetimed with Julie which I haven't done in months - the big, sad news was Matt's broken leg from a motorcycle accident - painful and going to have some surgery on it.  Also got to see and say hi to Lauren and Eliza.