30 April 2012

Planting #1

Another Spring, another season to buy seeds, and fertilizers, bags of compost and top soil, young plants, and til and dig, and mulch and plant, and water if need be.

So yesterday, Sunday afternoon, Deej and I worked for a couple hours in the Druid back yard - needs to have lots done.  We had bought 4 bags mulch, 2 bags top soil, and 1 bag compost, plus seeds and plants yesterday (Ezroths and KMart).  So, after I unloaded the bags from her trunk on to the wheelbarrow, I carted them to the back yard, unloaded.  Deej used the mulch around her plants, especially the second blue berry bush.  I spilled out the top soil bags and compost bag into my two plots, and then spent about 45 minutes loosing the soil in the lower plot - I had tried to start our little tiller, but it refuses to spark and start.  What to do? Take it for repair $$$?

I planted 3 of the peppers (2 cayenne and 1 bell), plus put two marigolds in the lower plot, along with mammoth sunflower seeds. And then the yellow marigold in the upper plot.

We wheelbarreled 3 big loads of weeds to the lower yard piles.  They were from the area where Deej planted the blue berry bush and another plant. Also I pulled and pulled weeds and vines from our side of the fence, and clipped out beginning tree thin trunks. Also weeded the black berries which are flowering and budding - even the new black berry plants seam to be taking hold. More weeding around the onion row, and the upper plot.

Finally lopped off the lower branch of the red maple, which was hanging over the lower bird feeder - used by the squirrels.  And moved the dead huge vines under the red maple so Deej can used the clothes line there.  Deej pulled down the branch so I could lop it off - but then it nicely broke all off.

So, we have some things mulched, soil worked up, and a few things planted in the back yard.

And the Saturday before we weeded some more of the area which we had tilled, but some places not deep enough to kill the grass, etc.  And Deej planted some things, put up a pea fence for her growing peas, etc.  I planted mammoth sun flower seeds in the corners, and also 7 cayenne plants in the middle area.
But details of that Saturday are another story!

Addenda written 7 May 2012 Here are some photos of the garden when we were there Sat the 21st April  - a panorama, a spider with an egg sack from digging out wire grass (like a small 2" tarantula), Philip stomping down planted sun flower seeds, and our peas

15 April 2012

Satur - Day in the life 14 April 2012

Some of what I did on Saturday the 14th April 2012 - a little library work, going to the Market, seeing son Tim and granddaughter Rachel, a poodle, the Market, the ugly thistle at home at Druid, flowers in my yard (while I cut down privets for Deej so she could plant elderberries and bleeding hearts), making Artisan whole wheat bread (dough number B), steak for supper, and to fly, fly away - - -

Another walk - this one up the Monticello Trail March 2012

Another walk - this one up the Monticello Trail, as the flowering trees start blooming, March 2012

Monticello Trail Stroll at EveryTrail
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