30 May 2013

Garden Spring 2013

Here's a plan of our garden for the present in Azalea Park, Charlottesville, Va.
[Apologies for the misspelling of Zinnia in the above graphic!]

We planted zucchini, cuke, melon, and okra seeds yesterday (Wed, 29 May 2013), and watered the tomato and pepper plants.  Also cleared out the north middle edge for some more flower seeds.

This Spring has had its ups and downs.  In April we tilled the entire garden (except some onion and garlic subplots), and planted some lettuce and radishes, and late May two pea rows.  But then it rained and rained for most of May. 

Finally went to the garden around the 20th of May, - mowed down weeds and did more tilling of un-planted areas.  Then planted tomatoes, peppers (in the NW quadrant), and two rows of beans in the SW quadrant.  Also planted double rows of flowers along the edges, except in the NE corner along the fence where cosmos, zinnia, and marigolds had been planted.  Weeded by hand the cosmos and marigolds, though the zinnia did not come up or were overwhelmed by weeds.

That's where we are at the end of May, just before our week long trip to the beach.  Deej says we should tell Anne to pick peas while we are gone.