31 May 2011

End of Spring / now summer 2011

Last day of May 2011 - back to work after 3-day weekend.

Cold - got some sort of strange cold Saturday before last, getting worse until my fever broke Wed night, and have steadily improved since then.  It was so bad, I took off Monday, but since I had a lot of work to do, went back and worked the rest of the week.  Heavy cough, still slightly here after 1.5 weeks; head still feels a little hollow, though dizziness gone for the most part.  Very sore throats at 4 am on Tues and Wed mornings, but gargling with mouth wash helped lots both times. Then Deej got it last Thursday, but not as bad as mine. Made working hard, because kept loosing focus or what I was doing.  The other thing which may have contributed to breaking the fever was that I mowed the yard on Wed after work, probably before I was in good enough shape to try it.  But it needed cutting down.

Work - had our annual library Staff Appreciation luncheon last Thursday, going with Deej and the music staff.  Good food.
UrduFest - worked with Sarah on her last day, last Wed for a couple hours