22 January 2013

Late January - cold, inauguration, curry club

Tis cold again now on this Tuesday morning - though overall it has been a very mild, mild winter.

This last week end, we gathered for another Curry Club - at Milan and then over to Beth's for chai.  For some reason(s), it was very nice and enjoyable, more than most gatherings.  People were interested, interesting, talkative, attentive, warm, pleasant. 

Deej and I had gone to a retirement party for public librarian Linda, at Gynkos on the Corner Friday evening (18 January 2012).  Nice group, mainly Music library group with Sue, Perry, Winston, etc.  Especially nice to see Ming (who had worked with and knew Linda) after many months.  Talked a little about changes in what used to be her Alderman East Asia collection.  Good food, shared several different Chinese dishes - all different. 

Then there was Sunday football.

And the nice Inauguration on Monday, which was, to me, a surprise holiday, also Martin Luther King's holiday.  Removed the big branch in the Druid yard, and filled up the Bird Feeders.

Barb's calling again, must be in a manic phrase after months of depression.

I'm trying to get the house webcams to work again on this new desktop computer. Maybe the living room one is working, but not the one in my room.  What to do?