09 April 2013

Spring weekend (6-7 April 2013)

Saturday was mostly shopping - juices, kitchen counter light, 4 bags top soil, 2 bags compost, real mouse traps, stamps (green and flower ones, and the tiger stamps) and mailing a birthday card, tacos, sauces.  Unloading the very heavy six bags onto the wheelbarrel (pumping air into its tire, oiling its squeaking wheel) and putting next to the plot in the back yard. And watching my granddaughter Eliza on a little screen, streaming Talent Parade in Des Moines, first hookup from the computer to viewing on the TV.  Facetiming with Betty, bemoaning non-contact with our sister Barb. Thinking about this summer's WOSA reunion. Joy at getting my wifi external drive working properly again. Re-booting the automatic lights. Final four basket ball in the background.

Sunday various chores - making my own eggs with bacon and toast and coffee. Picking up 20 branches in the yard from storms this past month.  Taking photos of Spring flowers.  Doing 5 washes over the afternoon and evening. Studying and then pruning the Concord grape vine. Rushing to get on to the 2 pm e-chai Hangout, 9 minutes late, but at least Bill was there.  Not Nadeem (his son's in town), or where's Helen, and maybe Cate was on, but didn't see her?  Pleasant discussions with Bill about cellists, grandson baseball games, Spring weather, stories of Dad, etc. Driving out to the ever-changing Azalea Gardens play area and gardens. Clearing off last year's plants and piling the dead stocks up.  Checking on the community shed and the tiller in there. Returning home, clearing out the dead blackberry plants and pruning them back, digging holes and planting four thorn-less blackberry plants. And then finding watering cans and watering the new plants. Organizing and sending off 164 family photos, copied from Facebook postings, through Walmart to Barb.  Finding out I never got my previous order for Strawberry juice packets, so re-ordering another dozen. Watching some of women's Final Four.  Second night of Deej's delicious tacos.  Deej needs to set the new mouse traps.