09 September 2009

Monticello Walkway

Went with Deej, late Labor Day (Monday 7 Sept 2009) morning for a 20 minute walk Monticello Walkway. 20 minutes up and 20 down, in order to start to get ready for hiking up Nag Tibba in the Himalayas in late October. But it's up the peak is at 10,000 feet and here its around 450 feet.

Also Saturday turned in our visa applications through Fed Ex.

Sunday did some picking of a few tomatoes and peppers, and marigolds, and of the first okra. That night make a delicious okra, tomato, onion mix with rice and shrPlus someimp, followed by 1/2 Butterfinger bar and 2 rasgullas. Yum.

Mehr wrote a wonderful poem, and Deepak and Holly's baby girl was born the evening of the 5th Sept. These were the positive things over the week end, compared to learning two negative hings 1) of Helen's brother George's horrible accident mid August in Mussoorie tripping over the khud and air lifted to Delhi from Dehradun with a C5 fracture paralyzing him (a web site started up for donations to pay for George's expenses, so he could eventually get home to Australia), and 2) Marianna's husband Bob's death after a couple years of cancer.

Friday Jane came over from Lexington (from her home in England), where she was staying with a college friend, for 3 or so hours of meeting, lunch, touring the Pavilion gardens - warm re-connections after 50 years and talk of family, friends, travels, etc. Friday afternoon the Pakistani ambassador gave a talk in Newcomb Hall.

Today Tuesday (8th Sept), it was back to work, meeting Eve and her American Indian language class, as she showed them the PM books, and a little time in Clemons 407 about InterLibrary loans, etc. Also trying to deal with Gene's request for some microfilm or other materials, working with Nawang and Cindy. Lunch sandwich downstairs as it was still drizzling outside, with the new beer or stout rye bread I made yesterday. Not a really tasty loaf. The Reference from 1-3, helping 3 new users trying to find books, and other stuff. Walter's "Biography as History" book - to get Annette to rush catalog it - plus two D Kosumbi titles and the two Bihar People's volumes. Finished up the hot dogs - after did grocery shopping. Snoozed away as usual in front of the TV

Gail wrote a wonderful description of her lush surroundings - plants, trees, birds, animals, butterflies, cats. Lindsay's off for 3 weeks.

Sorry this is such a random hogepoge

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