29 June 2011

late June 2011

Ah, now we are in to summer.

Lots of weeds grew while we were away at the beach a couple weeks ago.  We both went and weeded some of the garden, late morning on Saturday 25th June 2011, but much needs to be done.  We took a break on Sunday, and I went to the garden after work and tried to clear up some stuff for 1.5 hours - especially around the ochra, then some around the middle flower area and ended up thinning and transplanting some zenias in a circle there.  Weeded and scuffle hoed the remaining unplanted flower border the west side by south and planted more zenias and cosmos.  Cleared some more weeds around some of the flower borders, but weeds are overwhelming some and some flower seeds do not seem to have produced. For the back yard, mowed it Saturday late afternoon and Sunday cleared some vines and pulled them off of bushes around the shed. Deer had come and eaten lotus leaves in Deej's large tub on the north edge - and two of the 3 fishes we had bought recently also died.

That's about plants and yards and stuff.

Back to work on the Urdu Fest on Monday, exporting the Panel 4.  Then Tuesday we met with Phillip T of Shanti and finally got the remaining of 5 videos onto the web.  Still left is Panel 1 - and I still want to know how to save sequences under a new and different name in Final Pro, as also to learn how to insert good cross dissolves or fades.  Disappointingly learned on Tuesday we probably cannot provide navigation to sections in the videos.  Drat.

Learned also Tuesday that others were selected for the upcoming SAS voyages - again drat. Good deal for all the others, though.

Worked on normal library stuff - purchase requests, double monthly (May and June) report, etc. as well as searched for Walter on confirming where Bharauli, Ujiyar, and Narainpur were located where SSS traveled to in 1908.

Made shrimp supper Sunday night, and continue to eat it, as Deej made her own salmon cakes and are eating those. Monday night's new 10-grain loaf mix was huge, and we had no large plastic bag to store it, until Deej got some more bags after her dentist appointment Tuesday.

Discovered and skimmed through a wonderful little book on Joseph Stein (Innocent Abroad) - wrote David S about it including some pages from the book in pdf - wish I could locate the 2001 India video on him.  I'm also plowing through Cyberabad - a dull, narrative only story / chapter by a genetically enhanced Vishnu kid.  Also read a little more of Auel's Children at lunch.

We've got some rain (1/3 inch) a couple times in the last 4 days.

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