01 September 2014

Hangout - chai at the e-Quad Sunday 31 August 2014

On the "chai at the e-Quad" Hangout (yesterday, Sunday 31 August 2014) we discussed computers and printers, PCs vs Apple.  Software for switching between Apple and Microsoft (Word and other) programs. Simon Porter, child prodigy now turned 17, playing violin at her debut at the Hollywood Bowl (daughter of a good friend of Philip's - he is Anand Yang, history professor at University of Washington.) Books and movies read or to read, seen or to see.  Communists - old and new, bad or okay. And other things.

HP printer 600 series with blue tooth - which Bill K loves and uses with his devices, including his I-Mac
This might be Bill's new 27" iMac ?

Nadeen might recommend? these Apple laptops for Helen to use with Microsoft Word and her other software, instead of another PC
**13 inch MacBook Air
**13 inch MacBook Pro

Nadeem's $29 software to go back and forth between systems?

Simon Porter at the LA Hollywood Bowl - debut. (daughter of my close friend Anand Yang)
She's also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/simone.porter.73?fref=ts and sends out posts
For her father see either http://jsis.washington.edu/faculty/aay.shtml
or History Department with bibliography http://depts.washington.edu/history/people/54

Books -
End of Chet, (99 cents on Kindle) recommended by Vance G. Vance's blub for his nephew's book below

"Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage: A novel" by Haruki Murakami

Nadem recommended these movies -
A Most Wanted Man

Guardians of the Gallaxy

Helen raised the issue in an email after the Hangout - what will happen when Phil's on the Semester at Sea Spring 2015 voyage (click), can we continue this during Jan-May 2015?  I think it's highly unlikely because the ship has very poor Internet access, with a stipulation not to use Skype or Hangout or such while we are at sea.  The suggestion to have a Hangout when we are in port at different places, will depend on if we can easily and freely use the Internet in the ports (Japan - maybe yes. China - probably no). There will also be the time factor, eg if I'm in India, 2 pm Sunday eastern time will likely be about 12:30 am on Monday morning for me, etc. But it will be fun to try nonetheless.  I plan to have a blog which will let you know what's happening on the voyage.  What do you think of a Blog title of "twoseaTheworld" ?  

By the way, there is a good possibility we will not be going to the last two ports - in Ghana and Senegal because of the Ebola outbreak. #disappointed

Timeline of the Hangout - Bill K joined the Hangout about 2:15, Helen A beat Nadeem S by a minute coming on at 2:24 or so.  We had some problems with Helen's access fading in and out or freezing and going silent.  But not bad.  Helen left about 2:55 after wonderful contributions; and the 3 of us guys ended the Hangout about 3:05.

Vance said -
"here is a short review i wrote for amazon

"The End of Chet is an exciting novel which will take you on a trip from
Chet's native Idaho to exotic India where his family story begins to unfold with some surprising twists and turns. The authors experiences and knowledge of Varanasi, Mumbai and Delhi are accurately written as though you were there. But, it is his trek into the foothills of the Himalayas to the hill town of Landour, Musssoorie and Woodstock School where he discovers some family secrets that will hook the reader. When he returns to Delhi he confronts these mysteries head on.
"Forgiveness brings him back to Idaho and his mother. The story, the book is gripping and heartfelt taking the reader on the author's journey with first hand knowledge of India and the heart. A love element with a beautiful Indian girl is woven throughout. You will not want to put the book down. At the end you may find your copy a bit tear stained. I lived in the hill town he describes for three years. The author is authentic in his understanding of the people, the country, the languages and the vibrant colors of the India we both love."

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dilwalla said...

A very nice compilation and all correct except for the spelling of my name, which is: Nadeem or more simply, as many in my family call me, Kim.