14 June 2015

Everyday Home / Work, June 2015

2015 06 29 Monday
* Back to work.  Computer scan day as Peter comes down and starts scanning for malware on my office computer.  Takes most of the day until 4:30 pm. 
* Walk with Sandy and Deej talking bout posture, home access to media (cable, Amazon, computer to TV wire, Sling, HD antenna, etc.)
* Susan Heams  of HR calls about 2:30, are you retired, then why getting Va Retirement program monthly chcck? She'll look into it further
* To Yoga for oatmeal, Rebecca's for no fiber also, then CVS has it, over  to get mangos from Chinese store, and strawberry juice at Mexican store
* Made new anti-fungal copper mix, figuring a 1 to 4 ratio, spray grapes as two balloons fly over head
* Make garbonzo spicey stew, which Deej thinks too hot, to eat with her tonduri chicken
* Find it impossible to do sugar strawberries under her hyper critical tight control

2015 06 28 Sunday
*Usual breakfast
* I've reconnected with Dan and other SAS librarians on Facebook
* Help her vaccum by moving the blue couch
* Mohammed selects none of the 4 new Cairo lists which I send out
* Hangout starting with Nadeem, then Bill on and off, then Suzanne T H who's barely on there about 2:35 for 5 minutes as Bill leaves.  Nadeem fubles around for topics - but gay marriage and Obamace work, then monsoon and leeches, and rain on tin roofs. The landslide outside Parker Hall in ? 1949?
* Walk heading south and around old and new Zion Church area

2015 06 27 Saturday 
* Try Facetming with Julie but doesn't work - so do about a half hour over Facebook video
* Walk at 4 pm to the north with Deej - go up for Belmont Park block party around 6:15, but it's canceled. I stick around at part and take videos of scooter girl and the mother complains. I go back and talk to her to assure her that I'm local and live at 501 Druid, other large woman butts in and asks me to delete all - I agree, but I don't know how to do it on my new camera like she wants me to. Go home, upload files, and delete the videos and then copies from the Trash.  Soon McFarlan? comes by and talks with me and Deej; hope everything's settled, okay
* Go to garden, weeding more of last quarter, spraying cucmcumbers, and loading / bringing 4 wheelbarrow loads for mulch, as Emerald next door works on her garden, wanting water for her new seedlings.

2015 06 26 Fri
* No work - Home sick - also Deej

2015 06 25 Thurs
* Academic Engagement AE meets about Scholars Lab and scholars' digital research productions
* First look at the long range of shelves to decide which ones to keep and which discard - bit task
* Went by long line of Cavalier fans going to welcome heroes of the College Baseball Championship win - held at John Paul Jones arena
* bought and cooked 2 lbs of shrimp for supper
* Made June Win Week 2015 little video on garden, Fred's retirement, and the Win for UTube and Facebook
* Deej likes the Belmont Park cloud

2015 06 24 Wed
* Went and worked in the garden about an hour after work, mainly weeding with scuffle hoe, picked one cucumber.  Also weeded SSE flowers.  Deej planted zucchini in two hills
* Watched Cavalier's win College Baseball Championship until 11:45 pm

2015 06 23 Tuesday
* Meetings. First with supervisor Chris R in her office, some on my changing role, report on my monthly re-entry.  Second with Global Studies languages - Nawang reported on his Tibetan work and I wrote 4-page report and reported on my work with Middle East and South Asian languages and the Anthro, Rel St, and History department language needs and management.

2015 06 22 Monday
* First blossoms of Rose of Sharon
* Wrote draft of monthly work and met with supervisor Chris R for 1/2 hour
* Started writing report on my job and languages in the library for the Global Studies meeting tomorrow
* Did four washes
* Lisa's brother Victor died of liver problems
* Walked with Sandy and Deej
* Sprinkled but no rain - could not mow

2015 06 21 Sunday, Summer Solstice, Father's Day, Terri's birthday
* Hangout with Nadeem, Gil, David, and eventually audio with Betty - 5 of us on! Discussed weather, water, books (Moby Dick of 6 months study at Woodstock and Carl Sandburg paper), and Sandburg's songs (my and David son's 'my name is yon yonson'), memories of good Woodstock teachers, David teaching his two roomates Solid Geometry, monsoon in Florida, the Charleston tragedy (David posted David Niose's article about anti-intellecturalism in America on Facebook), the destruction of good architectural buildings in India and Delhi (including some of Charles Correa, who died just recently in the middle of June 2015, and who was a close associate of David's father), and how Internet communication is not just providing content but also changing our brains (see Shallows by Nicolas Carr http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/) Again an interesting hour long conversation.
* Fix kitchen faucet, getting repair kit at Lowe's
* Do some more weeding at garden, and forked some in back yard and planted marigolds
* Tim called about the computer and Father's Day; Julie posted 3 old and one recent photo of me and the kids

2015 06 20 Saturday
* Worked in the garden, planting flower seeds (marigolds, zinnias, and cosmos) along the south east corner; carted in two wheel barrels of mulch which Deej use to mulch corn, etc. She sprayed cucumber for bugs also, and planted two new hills of cucumber seeds
* Deej made bbq chicken breasts for the next two / three days
* UVa baseball won game putting them in the final College World Series against Vanderbilt
* I created a video 'Color' with 45 seconds on recent flower photos and put it on UTube, Facebook
* Anand is in Rome for a month teaching, also traveling around Europe

2015 06 19 Friday
* Got Arabic ordered books to Judy in Acquisition and Lok Subha directory to annual serials
* Reviewed 4 issues of library magazines
* Mailed in 2015 Fed taxes and tried working on Virginia taxes
* Calvin Hsu has left the building
* Cavs lost to Florida the World Baseball series
* Planted moon flowers while Deej mowed front yard
* Cooked the last 2 pork chops

2015 06 17 Thursday
* Completed donated book title, worked on new books for public display
* Worked on trying to do electronic Fed taxes
* Talked to Dell guy for almost an hour, arranged for new $1330 XPS 8700 iCore 7 Windows 7 12GB and 2TB, but won't come until June 29.  Got Aqueel to start at their $799 base price
* Ate the last of Deej's kale / bean / sausage soup with one of the pork chops

2015 06 16 Wed
* Worked on and produced an image poem with the dragonfly on catmint

2015 06 15 Monday
* Back to work - new Middle East and Pakistan books
* Finished blog on yesterdays hangout with rain and recent garden videos attaching garden plot plans
* Exchanged my TV box hoping to get the DVR program to work
* Walked to Corner, but even CVS did not have good local postcards

2015 06 14 Sunday
* Loafed around until about 11:45 am
* Garden - scuffle hoed weeds among corn sprouts, dug 7 squash/zucchini holes and Deej planted each, planted two okra rows, while Deej planted flowers (cosmos, marigolds, and zenias) along the south west fence.
* Hangout at 2 didn't start as the Mac wouldn't configure for video conferencing, finally got on around 2:20 on the red I-Pad 2 with Nadeem and hanged out with him for about an hour - rain, water,  books, and cameras.
* Went to the downtown mall and saw the insect photos hung in the trees - a colleague of Kathy H's in Mosambique.  Walked home to get my 10,000 steps.

2015 06 13 Saturday
*No UVa work
* Facebook - took a photo of my two ship ids and put up a post - Please don't use my ids, China, US, etc
* Tried to get DVR to work on my TV. Argued with Comcast about refund for no DVD; technician said box is broken and I told him I take the Scientific Am box in and exchange for a Cisco one
* Swept the kitchen floor as Deej asked
* Too hot to mow or garden (it showed 99.5 at 1 pm); watched UVa beat Arkansas in World baseball, bought cards and HD antenna and selfie stick. 
* Cut up and ate mango for afternoon snack
* Walked late evening and then night - about 3500 steps each so over 10,00 today again
* Trying to figure out Dell past and future computers
* Found address to send the Panasonic DMC-ZS40K to in McAllen Tx

2015 06 12 Friday
* Work 1)- Persian (10?) books, looked through, made 2 copy Xeroxes, located in Alderman ; Pakistan, about 10 English books, also located in Alderman with green circled slips
* Work 2) - emailed and put on Facebook my video and photos of the Monday 8 June 2015 Awards ceremony, which Suzanne B asked if she could link to - yes.
* Walked without Deej, who did not show up by 3:30 pm, it had rained some. Went to Corner, but even CVS did not have good postcards, and Mincers had none
*Home  - did not get out 2-week recycling bin in time, neither did Ned, though both of us rushed out at 7:20 am but missed the pickup
*Finance - paid for medical, house taxes, and Principal insurance online through Credit Union

2015 06 11 Thursday
*Work.  Put in a fund request (adjusted) for Pakistan / Iran Overseas operations, reduced from about $10,000 monographs to $3,000, in order to use AL-APV-SA fund of $4,206 at the end of the year
*Work 2) moved PL480 books for review or 'decision' from end of  wall to side wall with Jean C's help; but she's designated books as anti-PC as 'problem' books such as "Arabic problem books" whereas French books are not designated as 'problem books' !
*Walked with Sandy and Deej at 2:15 to 2:45 between my 1 pm AE Team meeting over at Clemons learning for an hour about 3rd floor digital, video, sound offerings, and 3 pm re-location of shelfing
*Home Made a lentil, chicken curry supper, had to run out and get ginger (and hot pepper) so I also got large dark Bacardi run and 2 smaller mango rums.  Cut up a mango for the curry desert.

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